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söndag 19 januari 2014

Preparing for climate change!

So we are preparing for a year full of fun! 

We want to get our hands dirty as soon as possible. Winter is still going strong here in Sweden so we will warm up with a trip to northern Thailand to a town called Pai.

 Here we will with our friends Lilly and David try to figure out what all this Permaculture thing is about.
Lilly and David are creating a food forest transforming barren land to a lush jungle and they have come pretty far already producing delicious fruit from just three years of growth.  You can read more about what they are doing at permapai.wordpress.com

So we will pack our bags and once again awaken the vagabond spirit.

Panorama over Pai valley

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  1. Inlagd sill hade varit gott

  2. Hej Gabriel. Vacker är den din sida... nu väntar jag ivrigt på inlägg:)
    Vi ses snart.