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söndag 4 maj 2014

Rocket Science!

Rocket stoves are getting a lot of attention these days especially among permaculturist so I decided to build my own small prototype. With a little help from my friend, "Bear" this is how it turned out.
Bear preparing the meal

 This one is built using fireproof bricks. Not really a rocket stove but still using the idea as the basis for my own design. 

It was really easy and fast to assembly (about 5 minutes).
Once started it got hot very quickly and when the flames started to come up the chimney it was ready to use.
Lifestyle with Bear

The design can be more advanced and many people incorporate mass heating in the stove efficiently. I've seen examples of stove having both stove, oven, mass heated bench and chimney in the end. 
Rocket stove with multiple functions at Vale da Lama

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